A Clear Flow
Transformational Healing

 “Kristin is an empathic practitioner who intuitively understands human transformation. Her compassionate approach to healing is rooted in her extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of energy and Kabbalistic health. I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone who is looking to gain greater mental clarity and balance their mind, body, and spirit.”

Lauren H., Woburn, MA

  “Kristin’s work seamlessly merges spiritual healing, psychotherapeutic insight, permission to fully embody ALL of one’s self, and intuitive therapeutic touch. She created a container where it was safe enough for me to go far deeper than I ever have before; working with her one feels safe, witnessed and held. Our work has been priceless in facilitating my journey and empowerment whether in person or long distance.”

Jessica Abelson, San Francisco, CA

  “For 15 years I did a significant amount of traditional psychotherapy, body and energy work. But the work I did with Kristin, during the course of one year, was more profound and took me further than anything I’d previously done. I feel like a very different person than when I began working with her. I feel stronger, more competent and able to accept myself. I feel good about life-happy-in a way that I never could quite do before I worked with Kristin. I am so grateful that she has chosen to share her unique and very powerful gift of healing with the world.”

Bridget K., Framingham, MA

  “Kristin’s vast medical perspective and intuitive approach facilitate getting to the source of conditions. Increased mind body connection gives me a personalized plan of action around nutrition, exercise and meditation. Sessions leave me revitalized and balanced.”

Don Johnson, Clinton, MA

 “I have struggled with blending my energetic and physical body for what feels like a lifetime. For the first time I found someone to make sense of it all and help guide me to a more balanced place in life. I am grateful for the profound effects Kristin’s sessions have had on my life. I now feel more grounded and connected to my source.”

Rachel H., Arlington, MA

 “When you journey with someone as compassionate, non-judgmental and gifted as Kristin, life altering changes can and will happen. She draws from her study of multiple disciplines, the combination of which is amazing! I have utmost trust in her abilities, her insight and her compassion.”

Michaela Fanning, Needham, MA

 “This warrior is greatly gifted and generous, and the work we have done together has been transformative. Her manner is well attuned to the needs of her visitor. Kristin perceives and interprets the spiritual, the mental and physical parts of each person. If you trust and allow her to enter your experience, you will be greatly rewarded.”

Christinah Barnett, Marblehead, MA

 “Kristin’s work has amazing results that continue long after the session. It is therapeutic, energizing and calming all at once. I always leave feeling clear, light and guided. She always asks the most poignant questions to get to the root of any issue in order to offer clarification. Visit her and you will understand how challenging it is to truly describe her amazing abilities. I am blessed to have such a gifted teacher and healer in my life.”

Elizabeth King, Norwood, MA

 “I am always so full of peace and fullness at the end of my sessions with Kristin. I feel blessed to have found her.”

Paula W., Westwood, MA

 “I am so happy that I met Kristin and feel I have a whole new perspective thanks to her. I always walk away with a sense of peace and serenity. I highly recommend her as a life coach and healer.”

Lynn L., Framingham, MA
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