"Kristin creates a container where it is safe enough for me to go deeper than I ever have before.”

Jessica Abelson, San Francisco, CA

Kabbalistic Spiritual Healing  

Kabbalistic spiritual healing blends deep listening, insight and hands-on healing to shift long held imbalances in the Soul.

These can be experienced as:

                       Physical illness                                 Feelings of being stuck
                       Negative thought patterns                Depression and hopelessness
                       Relationship difficulties                     Needing better boundaries
As these imbalances are healed and re-patterned, there is greater wholeness, harmony and ability to live life fully.
This work is deeply relational and equally effective whether in person or long distance.

Polarity Therapy

Focuses on the energy currents that exist in all of life.

Hands are placed lightly to redirect and balance the electromagnetic fields of the body to unify the body,
mind and soul.



 Craniosacral Therapy 

Involves extremely gentle and subtle manipulation of the head and spine.
This allows free movement of the cerebrospinal fluid which balances the energy fields.



 Zero Balancing 

This technique works with a person’s body and it's function.

It involves gentle movement to balance the body’s internal energy currents with structural elements such as bones, muscles, organs and joints. 



Energy Healing 

Light, gentle touch helps clients relax and activate their own self-healing.
It seeks to release energy in blocked or tense areas of the body.
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A Clear Flow
Transformational Healing
 Healing Therapies 
 “When you journey with someone as compassionate, nonjudgmental and gifted as Kristin, life altering changes can and will occur.”
Michaela Fanning, Needham, MA