Life wounds come from any experience that impacts our sense of safety, integrity and truth.

We develop coping mechanisms and defensive strategies to feel safe.

Suffering occurs in the body, emotions or spirit because we have cut off aspects of our real self.

The healing journey is one of understanding, and then releasing limiting beliefs and patterns.

We can move through life with grace and awareness, having acceptance and trust in ourselves.


A Clear Flow
Transformational Healing
My Approach to Healing Sessions  
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 “Sessions leave me revitalized and balanced.” 

Don Johnson, Clinton, MA

 “She has helped me clear out so much old garbage: negative and fearful thought patterns and belief systems.”

Bridget K., Framingham, MA

 “I always leave feeling clear, light and guided.”
Elizabeth King, Norwood, MA
Healing sessions are 90 minutes long and begin with conversation about your concerns.
I listen with deep presence to your experience as well as attune to where there is imbalance.
My primary lens is always spiritual because the most comprehensive, transformational healing occurs at the level of the soul.
Later, you lay fully clothed on a warm massage table.
The energetic body work I use supports and reinforces the spiritual healing.  It balances and anchors it in the physical body.
This relaxed state of consciousness creates the opportunity for healing to occur on all levels.
Each session is unique and specific to your needs and concerns.
It is a safe, compassionate space where your wholeness can emerge.
What to Expect in a Healing Session